Slow clapping for yourself

As we progress personally and professionally we often overlook the many achievements we have made striving for opportunities that seem just out of reach. These new challenges and opportunities seem to be the very thing we need to reach in order to feel successful. So the chase begins… again.

I think it is important for anyone reading this article to stop and recognize the progress they have made in the various areas of life. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, your perseverance, your determination, your strength to have overcome things very specific to your unique life. Regardless of the accomplishments of any other person around you or in the media. Consider where you are now and what it took to get here. Take a moment to be kind to yourself by recognizing that you’ve grown in significant and meaningful ways.

Kudos to you. That is all.



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Kimberly Lowe-Williams

CEO at The Difference Engine. Providing real-life software development to nontraditional developers and nonprofits. #PipelineBuilder #NonprofitLeader