Dear Nontraditional Developer

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The first 2–3 years of your career may not look like that of your white male computer science degree carrying counterparts.

You may have to hustle to find opportunities to code for smaller organizations and startups that have limited budgets. You may have to take a greater leap of faith and work in a junior-level development role making less than the median identified starting salary for your area on

Keep in mind, you are making strides and laying a path for those that follow. You are not alone in your pursuits to leverage technology as a catalyst to transform your life and community. The Difference Engine is on your side working hard to provide you with the training, support, opportunity and experiences that will make this dream a reality. Our organization has been formed for the very purpose of making tech more accessible.

Do not give up and do not compromise. You are a developer and should get paid to code… yes actually write code. The more you code the more you will grow and the more your work, skills, and sweat will be valued…. this is not a sprint — it’s a marathon. Let’s stay hydrated together!


Kimberly Lowe-Williams, CEO/Executive Director — The Difference Engine



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Kimberly Lowe-Williams

CEO at The Difference Engine. Providing real-life software development to nontraditional developers and nonprofits. #PipelineBuilder #NonprofitLeader